Labor Law

DITGES offers labor law as a part of commercial law.
  • Ongoing advice to companies on current individual employment law issues, e.g. work from home, working hours, vacation arrangements, sickness, formal warnings, or dismissals
  • Assessment and drafting of employment contracts, service contracts, agency agreements, target agreements, variable remuneration systems, or stock option plans
  • Outsourcing, transfer of business, and restructuring in accordance with labor law
  • Collective bargaining agreements and employee co-determination in accordance with the Co-Determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz) and the Works Constitution Act (Betriebsverfassungsgesetz)
  • Support in negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans
  • Advice to companies before and during council elections
  • Drafting and negotiating work agreements
  • Representation of companies in legal disputes (dismissal protection, compensation proceedings, preliminary injunctions, out-of-court dispute resolution, etc.)
  • Representation in conciliation board proceedings, resolution proceedings, and consent substitution proceedings
  • Consent Replacement Procedure
  • Work 4.0, New Work

This expertise is based on both legal and in-house activities, is strategic and based on risk management, and is documented by numerous publications.


Zirkular Arbeitsrecht – Kurzarbeit

Verstärkt werden wir zu den arbeitsrechtlichen Voraussetzungen und Tücken von Kurzarbeit während der Corona-Pandemie befragt. Unsere rechtlichen Beurteilungen und Erfahrungen haben wir zusammengefasst in dem DITGES ZIRKULAR ARBEITSRECHT, Ausgabe 1/2020.

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