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Mediationsgesetzgebung in Deutschland

Unsere Partnerin  Prof. Dr. Renate Dendorfer-Ditges stellt in der niederländischen Fachzeitschrift Tijdschrift Conflicthantering die Mediationsgesetzgebung in Deutschland vor:

Weitere neuigkeiten

Niederlassung Augsburg

Ab Januar 2023 wird unsere Kanzlei über eine weitere Niederlassung in Augsburg verfügen, geleitet durch unsere Partnerin Prof. Dr. Renate Dendorfer-Ditges.

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Solidarity with Ukraine

For years, we have been working with the Ukrainian Mediation Center, led by Ukrainian lawyer and business mediator Ms. Galyna Yeromenko. In Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa we have had the opportunity to meet many great people. Their now proven courage, determination, and strength in defending our shared values of freedom, sovereignty and self-determination inspire and reaffirm our commitment.

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