About us


DITGES is primarily specialised in commercial and tax law. The profiles of the partners correspond accordingly as specialised lawyers, auditors, tax advisors, commercial mediators and arbitrators. Internationally, one of our partners is admitted to the New York State Courts and the US Federal Courts. We are not restricted to certain disciplines but offer interdisciplinary, complex and one-stop solutions – consolidated and tailored, based on diversified expertise, longstanding experience in practice, science and strategic orientation.  

We emphasise a culture of debate – being prepared to prevent conflicts but also to fight for our clients in traditional or alternative ways.


Legal advice and litigation at the highest stage of experience, always creative, and safeguarding the long-term financial and commercial interests of the client.

Our tax department prepares prime accounting records for clients as well as annual financial statements and offers individual tax advice.

In commercial conflicts we serve as independent mediators and arbitrators.